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Corporate Culture

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Corporate philosophy
1. Honesty--- Honesty is the foundation of an enterprise, and Huazhike has always adhered to the business style of honesty and integrity.
2. Unity---Unity and cooperation are the benchmark for the success of an enterprise, and the foundation for an enterprise to establish itself in the world.
3. Service --- A good service is the prerequisite for the company's development. Huazhike insists on the customer-centric service concept.
4. Win-win situation-today in the 21st century, complementary advantages, mutual benefit, and win-win cooperation are your important magic weapons for winning customers, partners, employees and the world.

Core value
1. Create value for customers and provide quality services
2. Expand business opportunities for partners and work together for a win-win situation
3. Create development space for employees and share returns
4. Contribute to charity and give back to society

Talent Concept
Human capital is the first capital of an enterprise, and talents are the most precious wealth of an enterprise.
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