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Quality System

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Quality first concept
We fully understand our customers’ concerns about product quality, and embodies the concept of “quality first” into a series of work processes and operating standards, from warehousing quality inspection to warehouse management, from document management to document verification, and in the circulation of raw materials Every aspect of the company is strictly controlled to ensure that the products and services delivered to customers can meet customer requirements as much as possible.

High-quality raw materials
We are well aware of the importance of controlling the quality of materials from the source, carefully selecting excellent suppliers, continuously optimizing and improving the procurement and quality review workflow, and checking at all levels to ensure that the purchased raw materials can maintain a high quality level.

Advanced inventory management
The company uses the ERP system to finely manage the inventory, formulate corresponding inventory plans according to the characteristics of different industries, and keep hundreds of tons of various spot stocks, which can quickly and accurately respond to customer needs and ensure normal production of customers.
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